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2020 Year in Review

A year that took place in a business world flipped upside down. It came complete with professional uncertainty, challenges, and opportunities to stretch ourselves in ways we couldn’t imagine.

From remote-working tips to navigating your career during uncertain times to managing during a crisis and everything in between, The Perillo Group had you covered this year.

Did you miss out on any of these valuable blog posts?

Employee Perks Your Organization Needs in a Remote World

Many companies provide retirement plans, insurance offerings, PTO, and vacation time, but organizations need to start thinking outside the box to hire and keep the best talent. Some of these benefits might be ones you’ve thought of, or they could be ones that never appeared on your radar. So, are you offering these to your remote workers?

How to Handle Work Anxiety (Especially During a Pandemic)

If you find yourself anxious at work, especially during 2020, you’re not alone. Just turning on the news can set anyone off. Take that mentality into work, and any professional stress greeting you could easily send you into a tailspin. But don’t let things outside of your control take hold of your life. Grab the reins and release your anxiety by following these 7 tips.

Why You Can’t Stop Hiring and Job Searching at Year-End

Although it’s convenient to put your hiring needs or job-searching pursuits on cruise control around the holiday season, it’s actually the best time of year to kick both into high gear. Smart companies hire quality candidates before year-end so that the onboarding process is completed and they can hit the ground running come January 2nd. So, as a hiring manager, could you be missing out on quality candidates?

How to Navigate and Nail Your Next Virtual Presentation

Transforming your in-house presentation to one done virtually isn’t as simple as enabling your video and opening your mouth. Informative content and dedicated preparation are two ways to ensure a great presentation, but how do you know the audience is on the same page and consistently following your thought process in a remote world?

What are Hiring Managers Looking for on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Hiring managers can find out everything they need to know about a candidate before setting eyes on their resume, thanks to LinkedIn. Both active and passive job seekers should have their profile optimized to attract the right eyes. So, what exactly are hiring managers and recruiters looking for on your LinkedIn profile?

Mentoring During a Crisis Successfully

Mentors should provide empathy, an open ear, and a talent for responding in ways that help encourage a thought process that allows a mentee to reflect and grow. They certainly don’t need to have all the answers, especially during a crisis, but they should offer a safe space for discussion. This gives mentees someone impartial to talk to, but it’s also important to remember that 2 additional actions should be taken during uncertain times.

Business Planning for 2021

Business planning at the end of 2019 looked very different than what it does at the end of 2020. If businesses knew what was to come, forecasting and budgeting would’ve been approached with a different set of eyes and strategies coming into the New Year. Company leaders have to plan according to the lessons learned in 2020, but they also have to keep these 5 things in mind.

Whether you are a manager, a C-Suite professional, an entry-level hire, or a job-seeking professional, this blog has kept you covered in 2020 and will continue to heading into 2021. Any ideas or topics you want more of next year? Let us know by joining the conversation on LinkedIn.