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Employee Perks Your Organization Needs in a Remote World

Although a remote-working world might not have been what we all signed up for in 2020, it’s what we encountered. Remote working processes and procedures are in place, and organizations have figured it out, for the most part. And now companies are keeping with this new norm as we enter 2021.

Employers might find themselves staying with a work-from-home schedule, both full-time or hybrid, for the foreseeable future. So, as employers are looking for ways to make themselves stand out and keep their remote workers happy, it’s important to think outside the box. The more common benefits we all know about are retirement plans, insurance offerings, PTO, and vacation time, but you need to go beyond that.

Professional Development Perks

Nothing says support more than investing in their professional development. When in-house lunch-and-learns or workshops aren’t an option, offer employees the ability to attend a certain amount of webinars or online courses that you cover the registration fee for. Not only will you get a more complete employee following the event, but your employee will also feel more valued, and therefore, more dedicated to the organization.

Wellness Plan Perks

This benefit is similar to the professional development perk in that it provides value to the employee and helps them develop a part of their life. In this case, their health. Suppose your company isn’t in a position to build a corporate wellness program, you can still encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering gym memberships, fitness stipends, or even something as simple as time off for doctor appointments.

Swag Perks

In-house employees might have access to a full cafeteria or even just something as simple as a cup of coffee when they arrive to the office in the morning. It’s worth providing your remote employees a little something to make them feel as valued as someone in the office. Have any company swag on hand? Whether an article of clothing, coffee cup, or even a pen, consider sending some to your workers at home. If you don’t have a budget for swag, a hand-written note of appreciation goes a long way in making an employee feel valued.

Employee Appreciation Perks

Speaking of making an employee feel valued, remote workers need recognition. Working from home can be isolating and make workers feel invisible to the organization, especially if others are working in the office. One place to start is by developing an employee recognition or appreciation program. This looks different depending on the company and can include incentive programs, corporate awards, or peer recognition. Want to incorporate a spur of the moment recognition into the mix? Send an email to your staff or a group instant message that recognizes an employee for a specific accomplishment or act.

Subscription or Home Service Perks

When employees are working from home, flexibility can be a great benefit. However, there is also a lot that remote employees are juggling, especially those who are balancing and managing distractions at home, like hybrid-learning children. For these employees, consider offering food delivery stipends, laundry services, or even entertainment subscriptions if possible. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that covers their Netflix membership?

Remote Team-Building Event

In-person Happy Hours not possible? Turn the event virtual. Sharing drinks and discussion isn’t where it has to stop either. You can host any sort of team-building event virtually with a little creativity. Play games, participate in a digital escape room, make the options endless.

What perks do you offer remote employees, or what perks would you want to see as a remote worker? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out How to Navigate and Nail Your Next Virtual Presentation.