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9 Ways to Succeed in Your New Job

If you’ve found yourself in a spot during this tumultuous job market where you are starting a new job, whether it was by choice or situationally forced, it’s important to refocus and perform the steps necessary in making sure you succeed in your new position. From day one to post-90 days, here are the 9 things you need to do to find success as you start a new role.

  1. Introduce Yourself Constantly – Especially if you are starting your job in a remote environment, it will help colleagues get to know you if you introduce yourself repeatedly in the starting days. Think of how many times someone introduces themselves to you in person, and you forget their name. Now imagine having that introduction take place virtually. The chances of remembering their name in that environment, slim-to-none.
  2. Be Confident, not Cocky – There’s a fine line between exuding confidence and acting like you’re great at everything. When beginning any job, it’s comforting to colleagues when the new hire is someone who is confident in their role and expectations, but it can also be a turnoff when someone acts overly impressed with themselves all too often. Be open-minded and humble.
  3. Ask Questions – In a remote or in-person environment asking for more clarification or information can help make your daily workflow that much more efficient. In the beginning, you are entitled to ask as many questions as you need or want. Take advantage of this time, and the success will be inevitable.
  4. Develop Relationships – As you are maturing in your job, get to know your team better, and find a trusted colleague to lean on and learn from. When doing so in a virtual environment, it is going to take more effort, but the benefits will outweigh the time put in.
  5. Master Technology – Whether you’re in a remote setting or not, technology is key in almost every industry. There are certain tools you will be using on a consistent basis, so make it a point to master them. It will not only make you more successful in your role, but will make those dependent on you, more successful too.
  6. Establish a Strict Schedule – Set boundaries if you’re working from home or on-site. Protect your work time while remembering not to overbook yourself. A rundown person does not make a complete worker.
  7. Clarify Expectations – Start with your manager first and then hold yourself accountable to meet the goals set. Communication is so important when it comes to understanding expectations, even more so if working in a different location from your manager.
  8. Add Value – You were placed in this new role because of the value you can bring to it, and that doesn’t just mean financially. How you present on paper isn’t everything, some intangibles are taken into account when it comes to hiring. It’s important to fulfill not only the job requirements but to also stay true to who you are in the process. Challenge yourself to grow professionally and personally.
  9. Unplug and Remember Work-Life Balance – If you are working from home at any point during your onboarding process, you need to have downtime outside of work hours. As a remote worker, it can be hard to unplug since work and home are one in the same, and with the influx of information you are digesting during onboarding, distinguishing the work and life parts of your day can make or break your success.

What tips do you have for succeeding in a new role? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out Making an Impact, Virtually.