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Why Should You Invest in Hiring Now?

We are staring at a job market that includes an unprecedented number of people looking for work, and although companies have been hit hard by the global pandemic, some are still in the position where they have the resources to hire. If your company’s fortunate enough to be in a situation where it can continue hiring operations, don’t let up. There are many high-quality candidates available who have fallen into the unemployment bucket or are teetering on the side of it all because of a crisis and situation outside of their control. Meaning this is the best opportunity to scoop up some great talent to add to your pool.

Perform Check-ins

Now before you go handing out offer letters like pens at an industry conference, even with a plethora of candidates to choose from, it doesn’t mean you should go through the hiring process hastily because you assume you will automatically land a strong candidate. Start by asking colleagues whether there are any passive or active candidates they had previously been keeping their eye on, and follow up with those people first to find out their current job situation. From there, build your list by actively seeking out quality candidates. With the number of people looking for a job, it’s worth considering a recruiter if you don’t have someone specifically dedicated to not only searching for candidates but filtering and following them through the entire hiring process.

Embrace Virtual Reach

Even if organizations are in a good spot to continue their recruiting during the downfall of COVID 19, some might not be comfortable performing the once in-person practices from a virtual position. Put in the work and interview and check references virtually with the same drive you would face-to-face. It should be expected that the process of narrowing down your list is going to be more time-consuming with a larger talent pool. Regardless of the amount of high-quality candidates you’re communicating with, don’t cut corners and still see things out as you would previously. This way, when it comes to arranging a conversation between your final-stage possibilities and senior leaders, upper management will be satisfied with the conversation and values displayed. If these conversations are also taking place virtually, make sure both parties are prepared and comfortable with the setup and know how to communicate effectively remotely.

Dig Deeper

Once you have it narrowed down to your list of final candidates, find out more about what motivates them, and don’t just assume it’s monetary compensation. Going a step further and learning more about the candidates you are evaluating will help determine who the best fit for the job and company is, and how you can best support and encourage them to succeed once they are brought on. To determine the candidate who would be most passionate about the job, uncovering their motivation is a necessity. Learn how they landed in their current job status and how they can best fit your culture and company goals.

When there’s a bunch of top talent to be had, investing in top talent will help you lay the groundwork for future growth and bring you through the downturn. Don’t underestimate the impact your actions now can have on the future success of your company.

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