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What to Expect if You Hire a Slasher

In a gig economy, job slashers are all the rage, but hiring them comes with different expectations. A slasher takes on multiple careers instead of sticking to a single position. For example, someone in the media can fall into the job title of Journalist/Analyst/Influencer or Broadcaster/Reporter/PR.

Slashers are multifaceted and come with various passions and skills, making them extremely valuable in the workplace. Professionals have been embracing the side-hustle mentality for a while, and it continues to rise. In 2022, 40% of American workers had a side hustle compared to 34% at the end of 2020. The trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so as a hiring manager, what should you expect if you hire a slasher?

Promoting Passions Leads to Engagement

If you’re looking for an attorney and find someone who passed the bar and is obsessed with winning a debate, that’s where passion meets career, but it doesn’t stop there. Find out about their other interests and connect them with the right people in-house so they can bring their talent and expertise to the right projects. When people find themselves in a job or company that encourages using multiple professional identities, the overall business success increases. And don’t stop with the interests they have coming in. Encourage them to explore other interests or passions that start to flourish as they get deeper into their career journey.

Multitasking Breeds Productivity

Slashers know what it’s like to juggle multiple tasks or projects simultaneously. But, more importantly, they do so effectively. Having people like this on your team helps to breed productivity because they will get more accomplished in a shorter period of time than others who are less effective multitaskers. They also act as strong role models for others in the room or the organization. And when you can generate some competition, it only adds to the possibility of creating a highly productive and effective group.

Innovation Results from Different Backgrounds

When you have employees with a variety of skills, it gives you unique perspectives. Go back to our example of hiring an attorney. Now, imagine if that attorney also had an interest in graphic design. It’s not just the legal side of the firm that gets a boost. Your website and marketing material can benefit too. Suppose you have a rockstar lawyer who can debate against the best in the field while also knowing how to create a lead-generating website. In that case, that’s an unexpected revenue stream any business would, and should, be happy to employ.

Diversity Comes with a Thicker Rolodex

Someone with a foot in different industries or interests knows people in various specialties. For example, imagine two people walking through your door. One person has a background in sales. The other has experience in sales, public relations, and business. The first person will have a network based on their world of selling, while the other will have connections in sales, PR, and business. Which would you rather have access to as an organization?

Grinder Mentality is Inevitable

Slashers aren’t lazy people. They are tenacious, passionate, determined, and adaptable. In an uncertain workplace, hiring managers should be looking to bring on employees who don’t just survive but thrive in uncertainty. However, when you have a grinder, you have to do your best to control the chance of burnout. Slashers are going to work and work and work. As a leader, you should give them responsibilities that extend across their variety of skills but won’t overwhelm their plate. Because, realistically, slashers might also be working a side hustle outside of their “day jobs.”

What benefits have you found from hiring a slasher in the workplace, or what hesitations do you have? Join the conversation on LinkedIn. Also, check out Quiet Hiring in the Workplace.