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Applying for an Internal Position? Follow These 7 Steps

If there’s an option for a company to hire within, most organizations will favor that process as it saves time and money compared to hiring externally. So, you have an advantage if you’re interested in a position within your current company. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a shoo-in, so learning how to apply for an internal job posting is important.

Whether the internal move will help you climb the career ladder, increase your earnings, offer the flexibility you need, or fulfill a passion you’re looking to pursue, think of the steps you need to take to help you succeed.

Research Position – Before pursuing an internal job, find out as much as possible about it. Talk to people familiar with the job or who have had firsthand experience doing it. Learn what to expect when it comes to responsibilities and compensation. Then, use your insider status to determine the benefits of the position, the downsides, and the skills needed to excel in the position.

Get Serious – After doing the research, update your resume and cover letter to target the position you want to apply to. Use the intel you gain to revamp both documents before applying. Think of your cover letter as a way to talk yourself up. Notate past achievements and the qualities you have that helped you accomplish those. Then, compare your skillset and what’s needed to succeed in the job you’re applying to.

Notify Boss – When applying to an internal job, it’s important to be transparent with those around you, especially your boss. It’s incredibly unprofessional to have your boss find out from someone else that you applied for another job within the company. It looks very shady, even if that’s not the case. Do things right by scheduling a proper meeting and discussing your intentions. The move isn’t guaranteed, so you don’t want to burn bridges.

Remember Human Resources – After you connect with your boss on the desires you have to pursue another position, find out who the HR point person is for that department and introduce yourself. Let them know about the position you want and talk to them about the job responsibilities and expectations of it. It’s also worth asking them how your background and skills match the role.

Introduce Yourself – Make a point to develop some working relationships with the people surrounding the position you’re interested in. From the new manager to the colleagues who could be around you, get to know them and allow them to learn who you are.

Standout Internally – Considering you know the company’s core values, are already familiar with its operations, and understand its goals, you have an immediate edge over external prospects. Make yourself known for all the right reasons, and don’t stop there. Prove you’re a valuable company asset to the organization and someone other people are drawn to. After the interview, write a thank you note to those you interviewed with. Also, take the time to seek out people who supported you and thank them.

Follow Handbook – If you forget every one of the above tips, it never hurts to follow the protocol for applying internally. Check out the employee handbook and determine the chain of command for someone applying for a different position within the same organization.

Learning how to apply to an internal job puts you in a more advantageous position to get the job. Have you ever applied for an internal position? Join the conversation on LinkedIn. Also, check out What Should You Look For in a Job?