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8 Ways to Make Work Fun

As a culture, we don’t necessarily associate work with fun, but to promote positivity and productivity, more workplaces probably should. If organizations are smart, they will create an environment in which people enjoy coming to work because having fun leads to many workplace benefits.

  1. Decrease Workplace Burnout – If employees find the workplace fun, it makes work more enjoyable and makes them less likely to feel overworked.
  2. Increase Productivity – If employees appreciate their workplace, they will put more effort into their work and reach goals.
  3. Boost Morale – A fun place makes for happier people and a more pleasant workspace.
  4. Develop Close Relationships – Fun work activities lead to people letting their guard down and really getting to know colleagues more personally.

So, how can you capitalize on these workplace benefits by creating a fun work environment?

Encourage Desk Flair

Give employees the opportunity to decorate their office space. When people add personal flair to their work environment, it can help motivate them. Who doesn’t get an extra boost from seeing pictures of family or friends on your desk during a challenging workday?

Organize Sports Leagues

Whether these are actual physical leagues colleagues will participate in or fantasy leagues they can control from their fingertips, coordinating a sports team or league can help initiate friendly competition and relationships between coworkers.

Coordinate After-Hours Events

When you connect with colleagues outside of the workplace, you can develop more personal, genuine relationships in less professional settings. Colleagues get a real glimpse into who coworkers are in ways they wouldn’t be able to at work.

Praise Wins Publicly

Whether you create something mirroring a wall of fame and post pictures of employees when they reach a specific goal or earn a special recognition or hang up a bell for coworkers to ring when they land a new client or get a big sale, come up with a way to draw attention to wins. It showcases to members of an organization the praise they could receive and clearly communicates expectations.

Throw Parties for Birthdays and Anniversaries

When team members celebrate work anniversaries, it’s a great excuse to get the entire group together and show how much you value the employee(s) of honor. The same can be said for when people have birthdays. It could be nice to put together a scrapbook or video where teammates share what they appreciate about someone for either occasion. These celebrations are also great for building team morale.

Celebrate Holidays During Work

Naturally, holidays are an exciting time for anyone outside of the workplace. So why not welcome that excitement into the workplace? People may celebrate different holidays, so this is a great way to include everyone and allow them to learn about other traditions. You can decorate the office, share holiday-themed food at lunch, or exchange gifts.

Do Volunteer Work Together

Volunteering as a group helps encourage collaboration, and it also showcases a core value of an organization. Emphasizing serving your community and doing it together gives employees a purpose outside of working alongside coworkers. It’s also a great way to provide a break from work responsibilities for your employees during work hours.

Institute Casual-Dress Fridays

Give people a chance to unwind. If you already have a casual-dress dress code, turn certain days into theme days. For example, pajama day, favorite color day, twin day, whatever you think fits your employees and the company.

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