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Job Search Following Tax Season

No matter what time of year it is, looking for a job is always stressful. But this year, following tax season and the aftermath of the Great Resignation upon us, it’s a job candidate’s market.

Like most things in life, searching for a job can be all about timing. And to make sure you hit the timing right, think of what recruiters are doing throughout the year. Leading up to tax season, the first 3 months of the year revolve around companies putting a dent in their budgets and measuring how the goals and initiatives set forth at the turn of the year are starting to play out.

The first half of the year tasks recruiters with finding the best job candidates and make sure their companies are set up for the year. That extends from seeking out quality job candidates to ensuring the onboarding process is going smoothly for those you bring in. After tax season, recruiters prepare to start plucking the soon-to-be college graduates for positions they might fit. That means putting yourself out there following Tax Day gives you a head start on college graduates coming out of school in May.

So, if you find yourself looking for a job at the end of April, here are a couple of things to remember, this year specifically.

Job Openings Increase

Leading up to Tax Day, businesses are clamoring to get their books in order and aren’t really focused on bringing in new hires or beginning that process until taxes are behind them. So, naturally, the job market is more active after taxes are filed when recruiters begin posting jobs they need to fill after a brief tax-prep hiatus. So get yourself into the job searching mix before college seniors emerge into the market in masses.

Summer Vacations Haven’t Started Yet

Typically, the holiday season (end of November-December) can be a slower time of year for hiring. However, this trend also occurs during a couple of months over the summer when people take vacations, and business operations become more casual. Therefore, hiring managers and teams kick recruiting into high gear in the Spring so that people are in place at the beginning of June before employees start taking summer vacations.

College Graduates Emerge

During this time of year, companies look to recruit new blood and tap into the creative minds and innovative skill sets the next generation brings. As a result, this begins a transitional period for some companies. This changing of the guard, paired with more jobs on the market, might mean higher-level employees could be tempted to look and possibly move on. With this in mind, recruiters have to think two steps ahead and be prepared to fill other roles if necessary.

Networking Takes Off

Think about when most conferences and industry events start kicking off during the year. Usually, it’s during the springtime before summer rolls around. This makes networking en route to job searching post-tax season a great time to do it. First, take a look at your virtual Rolodex and jobs or industries you have an interest in pursuing. Then, touch base with your circle and make your way into the job conversation during a time when everyone has networking on their mind.

Seasonal Summer Hiring Starts

If you’re someone looking for a seasonal or temporary job, this is when you need to get your resume out there. Companies look for summer help well before people start. This is especially true when multiple positions need filling.

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