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Don’t Love Your Job? Try This…

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t in love with the job you had or have? It makes going to work depressing and extremely unmotivating. However sometimes it’s not as simple as finding another job, and you need to make do with the current situation, even if it’s temporary.

Here are 6 things you can start doing today to make a less-than-ideal job more manageable.

Consider What’s in Your Control

From a mental health standpoint alone, think about what you can’t control and push those to the side. Instead, focus on what’s in your control and pour yourself into that. When it comes to specific work concerns, it’s worth meeting with your boss to discuss what falls where. This communication also makes them aware of what you’ll be focusing on.

Write a Pros and Cons List

In keeping with the theme of opposites, take out a pen and paper and put in writing what the pros and cons of your work situation are. Before starting, shift your mindset to think about the positives along with the negatives. Once you come up with your list of cons, figure out how you can resolve those, and if that’s not a possibility, consider bringing in your boss to help with that.

Drive the Trajectory of Your Job

If your job follows a specific pathway, take control by creating the type of job you want from the job you already have while still getting your responsibilities accomplished. Job descriptions aren’t cast in stone. Instead, find your meaning within the job you have and craft it in a way that provides fulfillment. For example, if you’re in sales but have ambitions to learn about product development in the marketing or production departments, consider how you can make your job evolve so that you gain some experience in where your interest lies.

Take Your Vacation Time

We all have vacation time for a reason. Everyone needs a break from work, even the people who love what they do. So, you can imagine how much of a break someone needs if they don’t really love or even like their job. Take the time off and think about self-care if you’re able. With the amount of time we spend at work, sometimes we might feel like our jobs define us, but they don’t. When you’re outside of the work environment, fill your time with things that interest you or things you’re passionate about.

Pursue Projects Outside Your Spectrum

If you feel like you’re banging your head up against a wall when it comes to finding joy in your work, pursue projects outside of it. This can be something as simple as joining a sports league, picking up a hobby, or volunteering for a cause you find passion in. You might even be someone who wants to take your current role and use it to build your experience for whatever the next step will be. It’s always worth tapping into that avenue too.

Plan Your Next Steps

For some, figuring out the next steps might be more straightforward than it will be for others. When you conclude that it’s time to move on, have a plan in place that you’re ready to follow. You might not find a new job right away but lay the groundwork by keeping your resume updated and networking with the people who will help pave the way for you.

What tactics worked for you when you were in a job that you didn’t love? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out How Stress Affects Your Professional Development.