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5 Ways the Job Search Has Changed in 2022

2021 was a great time to look for a job as organizations scrambled to fill voids left by the aftermath of the great resignation. The Covid 19 pandemic forced many workers to leave their jobs, whether it was for caretaking purposes, health and safety concerns, or a plethora of reasons that became a reality as a result of the pandemic.

Whatever the case, job seekers had their pick of jobs in 2021. But as with any market, the turn of the year might present a different situation to navigate. So, what can you do to keep up with the evolving job market in 2022?

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

More hiring managers and organization leaders are using LinkedIn to seek out new talent, and they should be. According to LinkedIn, 77 applications are submitted every second, and 4 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute. As a job seeker, use your LinkedIn Profile as a branding tool. Showcase what you can bring to a potential employer and the value you offer your industry.

Perfect Your Zoom Interview

Remote working isn’t going anywhere, especially with 77% of remote workers saying they are more productive when working from home. As challenging as Zoom meetings or interviews can be, get used to it, and figure out how to perfect your digital presence. Avoid technology mishaps by working through any kinks prior to getting on a call. Also, don’t treat your remote interview like you’re sitting in your living room, even if you are. Dress the part for the job you want and do your homework about the company or people. Your preparation and performance should mirror how it would be if the interview were in person.

Prepare for Competition

With 41% of workers looking for a new job in 2022, job seekers have to figure out what they can do to stand out. First, determine the value you bring to an organization and come with receipts to back it up. For example, if you’re in sales, provide numbers that showcase your forecast and performance compared to that. If you’re in IT, discuss technological advances and innovations you would incorporate in your new role.

Adjust and Adapt

If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, it’s that nothing is guaranteed, and an industry can shift almost immediately. The standard job package might not exist anymore because organizations have adjusted as the job market does the same. As a job seeker, figure out your needs and wants, and keep flexibility in mind as you search for jobs. For example, if you would look primarily for a stable 9-to-5 full-time job at one time, that might not exist in the current market. Be open to a more flexible job schedule or even a contract position to fill a resume gap if needed.

Consider the Industry

Certain industries have recovered quicker than others from the pandemic, and that needs to be kept in mind when determining the direction of your job search. First, ask yourself if you’re searching in a field that’s still struggling. Is your field hiring less often than others? If so, figure out the skills you have and how they can translate into a different environment or industry that needs the help.

With the changes in 2022’s job market, what job searching tactics would you implement this year? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out How to Search for a Job Without Making it Obvious.