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Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Your Losses

The fear of change is a real thing, which is why it’s probably always tough for someone to move on from a job even if it isn’t the best fit. Deciding whether to stay or go is done by evaluating the current situation, visualizing how the change will play out once you quit your job, and verifying that the decision follows your belief system. Also, depending on a person’s mood, it’s important to remember that the decision might present itself differently on different days.

So, what do you need to consider before taking your talents somewhere else?

  1. Your Effort Doesn’t Match the Payoff
    If you’re in a situation where you’re putting work in at all hours, sacrificing family or personal time to get ahead, finish a project, etc., and you’re not seeing the benefits of doing so, it’s time to consider a change. If not, you’re going to burn yourself out, resent your current employer, or possibly burn bridges.
  2. The Work Environment is Toxic

People sometimes stay in a work environment because they feel a sense of pride for what they do or a sense of loyalty to the employer. But no job is worth putting up with a workplace doused in negativity and hearing constant complaints from others. If you’re around unhappy people long enough, it can diminish the passion you have for what you do by association, and that’s the beginning of the end.

  1. You Dread Going to Work

Regardless of if you work one day a week or all seven, dreading the act of going to work screams change. This doesn’t mean you are throwing a party and performing cheers as you walk out the door to work, but it also doesn’t mean you are dragging yourself kicking and screaming to get into work. Venting about your job too much also ties into that. Are you constantly complaining? Move on.

  1. Others Recognize Your Value

Are you being recruited by other companies? It’s always good to evaluate your options, especially if you aren’t head over heels in love with your current job status. If headhunters are reaching out to you, they know your worth, and who doesn’t like being a part of a company that values their contribution?

  1. Growth Isn’t an Option

If advancing your career is important to you, it’s time to start looking once you realize your current employer can’t offer growth. If you stay too long, your effort will be wasted. It doesn’t make sense to put your time and expertise into a company that can’t help you further your career.

  1. You Avoid Actually Working

Do you find yourself doing everything but what your job responsibilities entail at work? This might mean you’re bored. Work is work, but you still need to have some interest in what you’re doing. And this interest needs to be strong enough to pull you away from the temptation of scrolling through your social media feeds all day. Everyone procrastinates, but it can’t be all the time and can’t be despite your disinterest in work.

  1. The Benefits Don’t Match Your Needs

If you’re someone who craves schedule flexibility or a remote-work option, and your current employer doesn’t offer that, you probably won’t be happiest in that role. Make sure the company culture fits what you need from an employer.

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