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What Are the Benefits of Using a Recruiter?

Finding the job you want is hard. Finding the candidate you want to fill a role within your company is also hard.

As a job seeker, whether you’re looking for an upgraded role, a career change, or the opportunity to reenter the job force, scrolling through job boards and clicking apply strategically can be time-consuming. Add in, refreshing your resume as needed, and the process is downright exhausting.

As a person in charge of hiring, your responsibility includes not only filling a role but finding the new hire who will excel in the role and stick around for the long haul. Between advertising the position in places quality candidates look and sorting through countless resumes, the time it takes to find candidates to even begin the interviewing process might lead to missing out on prime talent. High-quality candidates don’t stay on the market for long.

How can job seekers and hiring managers reach the goals they want within a timeline that fits their ideal? Easy, work with a recruiter.

Saves Time

It might sound like the cliché benefit to list first, but it’s about as obvious and tangible as benefits come. Think about the time it takes for an active job seeker to update their resume, find jobs, and apply for jobs. Put yourself in the shoes of a person looking for a job. Imagine having a consultant of sorts to help you find the job you want. Recruiting is a recruiter’s full-time job. How many people looking for a job can spend 8 hours a day doing just that?

What about the person in HR given the responsibility of hiring? In some cases, their primary job is hiring, but they have other parts of their role they need to maintain in most instances. Having someone else do the hiring legwork gives the person in charge of hiring the opportunity to work on other job responsibilities that benefit the company. With a recruiter recruiting 100% of the time, your company has a better chance of finding the highest quality candidates in a talent pool.

More Access

As a job seeker, recruiters have eyes into a world you don’t. Not all open positions are posted on job boards, and recruiters have relationships with hiring managers that you don’t. With a recruiter, jobs that are confidentially advertised or not yet posted are now contenders for your next landing spot.

As the person in charge of hiring, your resources are your lifeline if you want to fill open positions quickly and effectively. Recruiters have the time and resources to find quality candidates and the most talented in a pool of quality candidates. Their process includes multiple touchpoints with the best prospects, and they are comfortable with the vetting a client requests.


A recruiter receives a certain amount of their compensation after placing a candidate, so they have an incentive to find the best fit for their client. This amounts to the best fit for the job seeker too.

Recruiters provide a service for clients, and the service isn’t done for free. Companies might shy away from paying someone for a job they can do themselves, but turnover costs money. Suppose the wrong hire is made or hiring happens hastily. In that case, it can end in lost resources, time, and money for the person hiring and professionals within the company involved in the onboarding process. A small fee outweighs the long-term benefits.

Have you ever used a recruiter’s services as a job seeker? What about as a hiring manager? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out Overcoming Job Search Fatigue in 7 Steps.