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5 Simple Ways to Crisis-Proof Your Career

Living through a pandemic has forced many professionals to evaluate their career, industry, and how both fair during a crisis. Instead of assessing the damage post-crisis, when you’ve already thrown yourself into ultimate survival mode, why not prepare yourself and your career for the next crisis before it hits?

Here are 5 simple ways to crisis-proof your career.

  1. Adopt a Continuous Learner Mentality
    One sure-fire way to make sure you always stay marketable regardless of the environment is to keep bettering yourself. It’s important to dedicate time to perfecting your craft, but it’s also a good idea to keep in mind the things you are good at or are passionate about. Figuring out where your passions lie can allow you to develop a different set of skills that you necessarily might not within your career or industry. This strategy makes you a valuable asset for not only your organization but others who might need you when a crisis hits.
  2. Put Your Value on Full Display
    Showcasing quiet confidence and making sure those above you know the value you can provide is huge, especially when others might be wilting or leading with doubt in the unknown. Keep your boss and other managers in the loop on projects you’re working on, ideas your workshopping, and accolades you receive along the way. Again, it’s not about tooting your own horn, it’s about making sure those who might influence your career are aware of the value you bring to the table.
  3. Always Keep a Side Hustle in Mind
    If the company you are employed by during a crisis doesn’t respond in a way you were hoping of isn’t stable enough to survive a crisis, having a side hustle in mind can help keep you afloat financially. As you are continuing to better yourself professionally, you might find different avenues or opportunities that make sense for you to create or develop. As you improve your skills or hone new ones, you might be surprised at the confidence you gain in what you can achieve, and how that can impact your ability and courage in taking those first steps in starting a side hustle.
  4. Think Like a C-Suiter
    Learning how to solve complex business problems systematically and strategically with some sense of urgency will help you overcome and survive a crisis. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, use a time of crisis to observe those in the C-Suite or Senior Management around you. What are their exchanges like in meetings? If you don’t have the opportunity to be in those actual meetings, seek out leaders and put yourself in a situation to learn how someone in the CEO’s shoes addresses strategy when there is a lack of clarity for how long a crisis will go on for and a general sense of looming unknown.
  5. Always Have Options
    A side hustle can provide you some stability when things come crashing down, but it’s worth considering other options in case a crisis-ridden environment doesn’t allow for a side hustle to get off the ground. It never hurts to have a backup plan, even when you are content with a career or the company you work for. Most of the time, a crisis is unpredictable, so having options can provide some sort of cushion during an unknown time.

Were you someone who crisis-proofed your career leading into the pandemic, or are you someone who wishes you had? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out Leading Effectively During a Crisis