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7 Tips for Job Searching During a Crisis

If you were looking for a job prior to the act of social distancing becoming a part of our daily routine or have now found yourself searching as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone.

Job searching is a time-consuming process, let alone in a market where lay-offs are constantly happening, and businesses are being forced to close every day. It’s important to keep things in perspective and evaluate your situation before continuing or beginning your job search. So how can you navigate this new-found job market?

First, Assess Urgency

If you’re in a situation where you can hold off on your search, maybe it’s best to wait. Job seekers who have a job and are not in dire need of jumping ship just yet should think about what can be done to make their current job more feasible to keep in the meantime.

At the same time though…

Keep Applying

Not comfortable holding off on looking for a job regardless of your employment status? Continue the search, touch up your resume, and keep applying. Although the economic environment doesn’t scream a job seeker’s dream, there are still available jobs and even in some industry more open jobs than usual due to the need in response to COVID-19.

But before applying, don’t forget to…

Make Technology a Priority

Going through the hiring process in this remote-first world means it’s important to be comfortable with what is necessary to showcase your skills and competence. Companies have turned in-person interviews into video or phone calls. You need to be okay communicating via technology however you would in person or on the phone.

Speaking of video calls…

Designate a Zoom Spot

The one-time in-person interview might be replaced by video. Make sure you have a background that lends to the tone of the interview, and even the brand of the company you’re interviewing for. Test out your camera and audio settings ahead of time, along with your overall connection to avoid the always frustrating, can you hear me now moment via video.

Your connectivity shouldn’t be the only thing you’re testing…

Expand your skills

When assessing your role and the direction you want to go, think about the skills you have and the ones that could make you a more complete candidate. If you have a skill but haven’t used it in a while or feel you could improve it, do it now. Certifications are also a great thing to research. If you’re interested in a job that a certain certification could highlight, consider it.

But don’t forget to touch base…

Remain persistent

With a sense of the unknown surrounding us, the hiring process timeline isn’t what we’ve come to know. If could be a little slower as companies assess and reassess their budgets, or employers determine how they even conduct interviews during this time. Remain positive when discussing with potential employers and patiently persistent with your check-ins.

These aren’t the only check-ins you should be performing…

Keep mental health in mind

The impact of social distancing can affect anyone’s mental health. It’s important to perform self-check-ins to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind when searching for a job and aren’t feeling too defeated based on the outcomes. Focus on things within your control that allow you to keep moving forward with your job search with a clear head.

What would you recommend to those searching for a job during a crisis? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and check out Creating a Remote Onboarding Program.