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Don’t Fall Victim to These Interview Snafus

The job searching process is sort of like a game. You put in the time to prepare by building your resume and skills, searching for jobs that interest you, applying for open positions, and then waiting for a response. You are essentially a free agent at the start of training camp.

Then you get the call; you earned the interview. Now it’s time to actually play the game.

Interviews can be challenging. Even if you research the company and google questions asked in an interview to prepare yourself, it can still go differently than planned if you sabotage it unknowingly. Get your game face on and make sure these five things don’t appear in your arsenal.

  1. Focusing on Only One Aspect of the Job

There might be a part of the role you are particularly excited about, but that might not be a primary focus in the eyes of the person interviewing you. For example, you’re interviewing for a marketing position and tell the interviewer how excited you are to manage the company’s Twitter account. However, to them, Twitter isn’t where they see a lot of time being spent for the position. Focusing on that one aspect might take you out of the running even if you’re plenty qualified for the role.

  1. Not Dressing for the Culture

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing an interview outfit. If you’re trying to become a company’s next Accountant, you are going to dress differently than if you’re interviewing for a Manufacturing Engineer position. And even then, it’s about more than just the job itself. If the company you’re applying to promotes happy hours and their signature game room, your outfit of choice will differ from that of a buttoned-up company culture. Do the research.

  1. Forgetting a name

There is nothing less personal than forgetting to refer to someone by name when you thank them at the end of the interview. Think about it. You introduce yourself at the beginning of a conversation and the person you’re speaking to never mentions your name again after that, wouldn’t that strike you as odd? Or Better yet, called you by the wrong name at some point. Forgetting a name makes that person feel slighted and unimportant. Not a great impression to leave at an interview.

  1. Discussing Salary too Soon

This can be an awkward topic of conversation in an interview, especially if you broach the subject too early. Make sure the employer has a genuine buy-in of you as a fit for the open role prior to discussing. If the interviewee asks you the question before then, it’s ok to say you would like to learn more about the requirements of the job and the overall benefits offered outside of compensation. Getting more information will impact your answer regarding the black and white salary question.

  1. Forgetting to Silence Phone

This is a completely controllable action, and honestly, there is nothing more disruptive than a cell phone alert going off during an interview. As much as hearing Old Town Road might get you amped up, no one needs to hear your ringtone of choice in an interview.

When it’s time to break out that game face and show what you’re made of in an interview, don’t sabotage yourself and what you’ve worked towards. No one likes to see the Turk in training camp.