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Resumes Don’t Get Summer Breaks

Resumes Don’t Get Summer Breaks

Although the summer is fully ramped up, it’s important that you don’t take a vacation on your job searching. Prepare yourself for the busy Fall hiring season, by putting together a killer resume now that will stand out when it lands in a hiring manager’s inbox.

Check out these seven resume tips that will help do just that.

Work Keywords into Copy

Think of the ideal job you are looking for and seek out those types of job postings. For example, if you want a Land Surveyor position, search for that title and take a look at what keywords are included in the job posting. Then work these keywords into your resume copy to show your compatibility with the position.

Include Numbers/Metrics

Contrary to what you might think, this tip isn’t just for salespeople because numbers are something any job is measured by. For example, if you are a teacher, include something like, increased state test results by 5%. A Project Manager? Managed a team that decreased business costs by $250. This tip breaks up the resume copy, making it more readable and scannable for the reviewer.

Use Active Language

Punch up your copy with active words. For example, during my time with X company, I increased sales by 10% and created a company-wide employee appreciation program. This gives your resume clarity and a sharpness that makes it easier to read, and frankly, more interesting.

Stay Concise

Although there is some debate on whether you should keep a resume to only one page or if it’s ok to go to an additional page, either way, make sure you’re writing concisely. If you have the ability to shorten the copy without compromising the impact, do it. Staying concise is similar to using active language in that it makes it easier for the reader to digest the information and encourages them to keep reading.

Prominently Display Contact Information

No need to include your mailing address anymore, but make sure the resume reviewer can easily find your phone number, a professional email address, that’s not linked to your current work, and any social media information you want to provide, i.e., your LinkedIn profile or Twitter handle. This should go without saying, but when sharing social media account information on your resume, make sure the profiles are up to par with what you want a hiring manager to see.

Avoid Vague Words

These can be seen as fillers, which makes your resume boring and longer than it needs to be. There are common words you should avoid, and please don’t buy into any hype around buzzwords. A hiring manager only has so much time, and your resume isn’t the only one they are reviewing, so don’t bore them. The sharper the writing, the better – see stay concise above.

Show Personality

This tip allows you to stand out and showcase yourself as an individual. Interests include topics you’re currently exploring or wish to at a later date that might show why you’re a good fit for the position you’re applying to, the company itself, or both. However, it’s important not to sacrifice space that you could use for relative work experience or particular skills that tie into the role you’re applying to. Also, don’t include interests that could be controversial. Manage the space and information you provide wisely.

Whether you’re actively or passively looking for a job, put in the work now to reap the benefits later. It might be summer, and the beach might be calling your name, but take the time to put yourself in the best situation to land the job you truly want and deserve.